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Live chat that is going on is found here.  (Not applicable after the live chat is over but can be clicked if the above video does not work due to YouTube technical controls by the organizers.) 16 June 2013 An eloquent Muslim woman Yasmin Mogahed from the US, a book writer, who was in Kuala Lumpur She had spoken in a conference of the MAS Muslim American Society where Dr Mahathir had participated at on a later date and is referenced here 27 Sep 2020 Announced on FaceBook of the Islam-Buddhism Forum on “Compassion and Mercy as the common values between Islam and Buddhism” 28 Sep 2020 Live Islam-Buddhism Forum on “Compassion and Mercy as the common values between Islam and Buddhism” 20 Oct 2020 Interfaith discussion with a Pastor and a Bishop in Utah USA

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Rambling during COVID-19 Click here to know why to ramble today is advantageous To see all the superman/superhero pics as mentioned in the above video, click the blue Facebook icon below to view the whole album or watch this speedy video. The Blue Boy Mansion transformation project mentioned at the end of the video above has a website under the same name To view all pics, click the blue FaceBook icon found on the top right of the frame. In Singapore In Kuala Lumpur THE POWER OF INTERACTION Below is a graphical representation of the tripartite nature of my Consciousness: First there is my Body (EQ) important for relationships or feelings WEI is the acronym I use to represent my strength in "Western Eastern Interaction"  relating to people of both worlds Second is my Mind (IQ) important for reasoning or logic CHI is the acronym I use to represent my strength in "Computer Human Interaction" relating to algorithms Third is my Spirit (SQ) importa

OPT - Optimal Performance & Thinking

I became the 78th and last person at this point of writing to comment on my oldest child's and daughter's post. It included a reference to my journal post highlighting my first intention to start an important research seeking out how to achieve OPT or Optimal Performance & Thinking. The following photo comes from my journal post shared above. Fei had started her studies in psychology in the US and had returned in the summer holidays of 2003 to temporarily join our team at the office. It was the time when I initiated a study of the training programs that corporations were receiving at that era of time to compare with what I had developed when I started my own IT and Management Consulting services in the 80s. It wasn't because there wasn't enough training concepts or ideas already existing on performance or thinking and development process in the world. It was more about how to create sustainable results long after any training had been completed for participants of

Emotional Intelligence

 Daniel Goleman

Destructive Emotions

Destructive emotions are simply those that cause harm to others and ourselves. While there may be varying opinions as to which can be classified as such for e.g. hatred, greed, craving, anger, jealousy, fear, delusion etc. the simple definition given will suffice. The reader may make his or her own conclusion from the experiences shared here. What is more important is to realize from the stories shared is that while there is a problem with negative emotions, there is always a solution and a way to overcome them if we put our heads and hearts together. Over my lifetime I have had the opportunity to come across several people whose lives have been negatively affected by what I call 'Destructive Emotions'. I have found that these people are quite ordinary and normal like you and I but became victims of destructive emotions which caused them to have struggles in life. Sometimes the problems do not arise until much later in life. Perhaps an accumulation of such negative emotions wou

Finding the Best or Optimal State of Self

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * Like the Constant body temperature found in all of us at 36.9 degrees centigrade for best performance for our body system, I believe there is a constant state of frequency that our heart and mind can reach for best or optimal performance of our self or being. After going through the mill of life so to speak, now having over half a century of living and learning at this time, I am ready to share my personal discoveries that has shaped my heart and mind. I believe it may help others to become better equipped in this fast changing world to not just succeed but become a happy and resourceful people for whatever challenges each new era will bring. Perhaps I have written it for myself to remind me of the many truths and principles that I have learnt for I believe I will live long to apply them and share with the world my precious knowledge or experience. Feel a Godly love for all men. When you can love all men despite them being a stranger to you or they a