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OPT - Optimal Performance & Thinking

I became the 78th and last person at this point of writing to comment on my oldest child's and daughter's post. It included a reference to my journal post highlighting my first intention to start an important research seeking out how to achieve OPT or Optimal Performance & Thinking. The following photo comes from my journal post shared above. Fei had started her studies in psychology in the US and had returned in the summer holidays of 2003 to temporarily join our team at the office. It was the time when I initiated a study of the training programs that corporations were receiving at that era of time to compare with what I had developed when I started my own IT and Management Consulting services in the 80s. It wasn't because there wasn't enough training concepts or ideas already existing on performance or thinking and development process in the world. It was more about how to create sustainable results long after any training had been completed for participants of