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Destructive Emotions

Destructive emotions are simply those that cause harm to others and ourselves. While there may be varying opinions as to which can be classified as such for e.g. hatred, greed, craving, anger, jealousy, fear, delusion etc. the simple definition given will suffice. The reader may make his or her own conclusion from the experiences shared here. What is more important is to realize from the stories shared is that while there is a problem with negative emotions, there is always a solution and a way to overcome them if we put our heads and hearts together. Over my lifetime I have had the opportunity to come across several people whose lives have been negatively affected by what I call 'Destructive Emotions'. I have found that these people are quite ordinary and normal like you and I but became victims of destructive emotions which caused them to have struggles in life. Sometimes the problems do not arise until much later in life. Perhaps an accumulation of such negative emotions wou