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Emotional Intelligence

 Daniel Goleman

Destructive Emotions

Destructive emotions are simply those that cause harm to others and ourselves. While there may be varying opinions as to which can be classified as such for e.g. hatred, greed, craving, anger, jealousy, fear, delusion etc. the simple definition given will suffice. The reader may make his or her own conclusion from the experiences shared here. What is more important is to realize from the stories shared is that while there is a problem with negative emotions, there is always a solution and a way to overcome them if we put our heads and hearts together. Over my lifetime I have had the opportunity to come across several people whose lives have been negatively affected by what I call 'Destructive Emotions'. I have found that these people are quite ordinary and normal like you and I but became victims of destructive emotions which caused them to have struggles in life. Sometimes the problems do not arise until much later in life. Perhaps an accumulation of such negative emotions wou

Finding the Best or Optimal State of Self

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * Like the Constant body temperature found in all of us at 36.9 degrees centigrade for best performance for our body system, I believe there is a constant state of frequency that our heart and mind can reach for best or optimal performance of our self or being. After going through the mill of life so to speak, now having over half a century of living and learning at this time, I am ready to share my personal discoveries that has shaped my heart and mind. I believe it may help others to become better equipped in this fast changing world to not just succeed but become a happy and resourceful people for whatever challenges each new era will bring. Perhaps I have written it for myself to remind me of the many truths and principles that I have learnt for I believe I will live long to apply them and share with the world my precious knowledge or experience. Feel a Godly love for all men. When you can love all men despite them being a stranger to you or they a

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Alfred Adler, three giants of 20th century psychology, were all heavily influenced by Nietzsche’s psychological insights.  Transcript of the video above found here. The following are links to articles or information of this influential man: Big Think YouTube Book- American Nietzsche   YouTube Nietzsche and the Will to Power YouTube Nietzche on The Superman It is interesting to note that Nietzsche was mentioned in an article in a Church talk as follows: "Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900) advanced this theory, “Body am I, and soul—thus speaks the child. And why should one not speak like children? “But the awakened and knowing say: body am I entirely and nothing else; and soul is only a word for something about the body.”8 Proponents of this modern philosophy often make the following claims: There is no God and so no spirit. Man is his body. Human beings are physically capable of evolving beyond their present state. Human beings are not composed of differe

My State of Mind or Consciousness

The above is symbolic of how I started life when the Abacus was used as a calculator in the 50s, an invention of the East from ancient China. Industrialization in the West created technology that ushered in a new world for me. I had the opportunity to study computer science in 1977 that originated from the USA. I started writing personal journals in the late 70s to later convert them online when the internet or Cloud technology became available in the new Millennium era. My life journals are housed at  where I consider to be a useful resource to understand My Consciousness.  Science became the new world order for progress. Fortunately I qualified to be in the Science stream at middle or secondary school in the country of Malaysia where I was born and living today. I used Cloud technology to continue my interest in life long learning, updating myself with new knowledge of Quantum Physics. I knew since middle school that the human brain would become the last fronti

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