My State of Mind or Consciousness

The above is symbolic of how I started life when the Abacus was used as a calculator in the 50s, an invention of the East from ancient China. Industrialization in the West created technology that ushered in a new world for me. I had the opportunity to study computer science in 1977 that originated from the USA. I started writing personal journals in the late 70s to later convert them online when the internet or Cloud technology became available in the new Millennium era. My life journals are housed at where I consider to be a useful resource to understand My Consciousness. 

Science became the new world order for progress. Fortunately I qualified to be in the Science stream at middle or secondary school in the country of Malaysia where I was born and living today. I used Cloud technology to continue my interest in life long learning, updating myself with new knowledge of Quantum Physics. I knew since middle school that the human brain would become the last frontier for Science to figure out. It was related to the Mind and later Consciousness became a key area of interest of the scientific world. 

The fact that I had picked up the interest of journaling, I discovered that it was a big plus to unravel the mystery of Human Consciousness especially of my own! Decades have gone by quickly with no lack of scientists, neurologists and many common intellects like me joining in to unravel this current enigma of our era to find that all we can say is that we are only closer to the truth! Thanks to the Cloud technology, I have access to latest information from the many talented people of the world with all sorts of qualifications, knowledge and experiences to share as found in

Here is a simple chart of how I observe our States or Conditions of the Human Mind using only the English language or Western Mind who are very advanced in their science of the brain and mind especially. There are certainly many philosophers and scientists trying to unravel the working of the brain, mind and finally consciousness as the last frontier of understanding Mankind. 

My success in life has simply been due to ability to convert complex things to simplicity that can be easily learned, taught to others and applied.

Let's start with something basic that we can all feel as our reality or consciousness:

States of Mind or its Variation

CENTERED (Focused) vs CHAOTIC (Haphazard)

CARING (Loving) vs CONDEMNING (Angry)

CALM (Peaceful) vs CAPRICIOUS (Volatile)

CHASTE (Pure) vs CORRUPT (Dishonest)

CLARITY (Fair) vs COLORED (Bias)

CLEAR (Aware) vs CONFUSED (Unclear)

CELESTIAL (Spiritual) vs CARNAL (Sensual)

CREATIVE (Resourceful) vs COLORLESS (Canned)

COOPERATIVE (United) vs CONCEITED (Self-seeking)

There can be more states but it will suffice for what I am about to share from my years of observation and research recorded in my life long journals,

It is noteworthy to mention that we use the state of mind casually or naturally but the word "Mind" isn't even a biological part of our body so how come we use it instead of referring it as a state of our "Brain?" Just call it a progress of our Consciousness through Science!

My new title from 2021 onwards: MrConsciousness.Me


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