The State of Mind or it's Condition


Here is a simple chart of how I observe our States or Conditions of the Human Mind using only the English language or Western Mind who are very advanced in their science of the brain and mind especially. There are certainly many philosophers and scientists trying to unravel the working of the brain, mind and finally consciousness as the last frontier of understanding Mankind. 

My success in life has simply been due to ability to convert complex things to simplicity that can be easily learned, taught and applied.

States of Mind or its Variation

CENTERED (Focused) vs CHAOTIC (Haphazard)

CARING (Loving) vs CONDEMNING (Angry)

CALM (Peaceful) vs CAPRICIOUS (Volatile)

CHASTE (Pure) vs CORRUPT (Dishonest)

CLARITY (Fair) vs COLORED (Bias)

CHRISTLY (Spiritual) vs CARNAL (Sensual)

CLEAR (Aware) vs CONFUSED (Unclear)

CREATIVE (Resourceful) vs COLORLESS (Canned)

COPERATIVE (United) vs CONCEITED (Self-seeking)

The above is supported by the sum of my education, learning and experiences shared in


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