Finding the Best or Optimal State of Self


Like the Constant body temperature found in all of us at 36.9 degrees centigrade for best performance for our body system, I believe there is a constant state of frequency that our heart and mind can reach for best or optimal performance of our self or being.

After going through the mill of life so to speak, now having over half a century of living and learning at this time, I am ready to share my personal discoveries that has shaped my heart and mind. I believe it may help others to become better equipped in this fast changing world to not just succeed but become a happy and resourceful people for whatever challenges each new era will bring. Perhaps I have written it for myself to remind me of the many truths and principles that I have learnt for I believe I will live long to apply them and share with the world my precious knowledge or experience.

Feel a Godly love for all men.

When you can love all men despite them being a stranger to you or they are not related to you in any way, you immediately expand your circle of friends and will receive increased love in return. Love is an energy that needs to flow. Like the rivers that stop flowing and collect in a dead sea, the power of love can be lost when we selfishly try to get more of it and give less or nothing in return. Without the feeling of Godly love to all men, we feel instead that the world owes us a living. Everything begins to narrow down to a selfish personal motive. This feeling adversely narrows our minds and does not allow the limitless possibilities of the brain to function. We will find ourselves stuck to fixed patterns of behavior of the primal man, to merely survive instead of being able to enjoy the full potential of his being. Like the shift from the middle ages to the period of enlightenment, men are able to create abundance for all to share, to overcome all problems and challenges that beset Men and free us all from the bondage of limited mind sets.

All these and more simply from a feeling of love of All Men. Societies and civilizations will achieve more if the hearts of it's people can be filled with this love. It will generate more collaboration and the resulting collective genius will enable all to achieve more. This is the result of the belief in the principle of Abundance. The opposite feeling of hate and envy can set back the civilization hundreds to thousands of years behind as internal and external wars and strife continuously disrupt the minds of its people to become more creative and effective. Without a loving and peaceful environment, men are put back into their primal state, to only fend for himself and survive. That is a very very sad state of Man where his unlimited potential becomes capped because the potential of his mind is influenced by survival instincts alone. This is the result of the belief in the principle of Scarcity.

I have always felt comfortable being with my fellow men. I have always shown keen interest in their lives for I know I can learn much from their collection of rich and unique experiences. They are my living text books and a constant inspiration. I tend to highlight their goodness even though I am aware their mind is not fully aware of their faults.

Get Physical when your mind is weak.

The mind is not always in a permanent state of best performance. Thus if we find ourselves trying very hard to think through a problem without any forthcoming solutions or that we are getting depressed due to the burden of the unsolved problem in our minds, get physical!

A simple exercise of going out for a walk or run will clear and loosen the mind. Walking or running puts the mind and body into a more optimal state of interaction or coordination. I suppose the exercise mode increases blood flow which is ideal for the brain to function optimally. The increased activity of the physical body also brings about a chemical effect in our brain that helps us to become more alert or aroused with the benefit of clear thinking of the mind which was previously clogged with over thinking.

Besides exercise, one can simply embark into a project that involves more physical activity such as carpentry, clearing out the old shelves and drawers, house maintenance, gardening etc. Not only does the project change the physical body state to become more conducive for the mind to function, the brain itself becomes now preoccupied with more refreshing thoughts of exercising creativity if you're trying to make an object in carpentry for example. If its just a maintenance project where the work is more mundane and routine, the conscious mind does get a good break, giving a chance for the subconscious mind to kick in and fill the mind with more ideas and options than otherwise thought of.

When the mind is tired, go to sleep.

When the thinking becomes fuzzy or confused, the mind is getting tired and the best rest for it is to go to sleep. Sleep allows the brain to rest and get into sleep mode where I believe certain clearing or self organizing action takes place unconsciously. So it is not surprising that when you wake up, there is clarity of thought and sometimes the problem thought of prior to sleeping has now a fresh solution.

Sleep also allows one to be in a dream state where I believe is a very creative state as if you were Steven Spielberg creating the next movie block buster. Dreams can put together the funniest combinations of people and situations which stimulates the entire body into different modes without interference of the conscious mind. Hidden fears may also produce nightmares that most of us dread depicted in many scary movies as well.

Most adults only sleep in the night time and therefore experience the morning glory effect only once a day. Those who nap in the day, like children, will find themselves experiencing multiple creative moods with an outlook of brightness and questioning minds instead of the dull mind that runs along the mundane rut.

Keep an Open Mind always, receptive to the true meaning of what we hear and see instead of being distorted by the prejudices of our heart.

One of the problems with our mind is that it sticks to certain pattern of thought like a habit without any conscious effort. One such problem is that when we're listening to something new, the mind can turn off certain information that it interprets as threatening or is boring. If threatening, he is reactive and repeats his own defensive thoughts to block out any new information that could be useful to his life. If boring, it is only because of his lack of interest that causes attention to fade and otherwise useful information to become totally useless to him and is quickly forgotten. Forgotten because no emotional response was generated that was necessary to create a recognizable link to the packet of memory of new data.

Keeping the mind in an optimal state is to listen without the heart's negative feelings of fear or boredom and letting the mind remain open and freely associate or relate what is heard to increase his databank of knowledge. In other words, objective listening is characterized by the primary working of the mind with minimal interference of negative feelings that are automatically generated from the heart. The optimal state is when the mind itself can create a condition of love of the subject matter that can change the heart's natural negative reaction to what is being transmitted.

In short if you can tell yourself you love a subject, the mind will believe it and the heart can be managed to develop that love. The opposite is true. You can learn to hate certain things or people e.g.. prejudices against people of certain color of skin, background or religion is more often taught by others than being the result of our natural feelings for it is more natural to love than to hate.

Manage our fears so that it does not prevent us from exploring the necessary frontiers which can allow breakthrough thinking state to occur.

Fear is a great obstacle for the mind to achieve an optimal thinking state as it usually hijacks any creative thinking and initiates reactive thinking instead. Reactive thinking is never exploratory but reverts to the safe and comfort zone that one is used to. So how does one overcome fear itself?

Familiarity by repetition of the act that is fearful is one way to overcome the fear itself. But what if you can't even try it once due to intense fear? This is where one needs to learn how to psyche the mind up to believe or focus on a different consequence than what the fear itself promotes. This could be convincing oneself that it isn't as bad as we think or that we can accept the worse scenario if the worst ever happens. In this case we repeat the positive thought of the consequences until it becomes more familiar to us than the original fear. Remind ourselves of the acronym F.E.A.R which stands for False Evidence Appearing Real!

Allow yourself to become spiritual, which doesn't necessarily equate to being religious, meaning you become less bound to your physical limitation and have unlimited faith, hope & strength.

True spirituality is the belief that man is more than just a mortal being of flesh and blood without purpose of existence on this earth. It believes that the spirit of man comes from a divine source with a destiny or purpose on this earth and that the spirit will continue to live on even after death. As beliefs are not founded upon facts but upon the faith of a believer, it has unlimited possibilities. Faith is more powerful than limiting facts as Imagination is greater than Knowledge as Einstein propagated.

Religions often times suffer from the minds of latter finite thinking leaders or followers quite unlike the original founder/s of the religion. What was once creative or out stream soon becomes conservative and mainstream for the purpose of structure, compliance and acceptance. Spirituality accepts the unknown to be mysterious for if we profess to know everything about the spiritual, we immediately make ourselves finite and what is spiritual to be factual. Be weary therefore of the difference between being spiritual and being religious as the men who professed the latter ironically in world history had become promoters of bondage or destroyers of faith and hope.

Do not unduly stress yourself by taking negative people or consequences too seriously especially yourself.

Never take yourself too seriously. Laugh at your mistakes and make every failure you achieved a positive learning experience. If others laugh at you because you've fumbled, be happy that you can make them laugh even without trying. After all, comedians and professional speakers work or practice very hard just to make people laugh and are even paid for it.

A laugh is like sunshine that freshes all the day. Apply humour therapy for your sensitive and fragile mind which can also heal your body surprisingly. As the doctors have said, "Cancer is not Contagious, Laughter Is!" A laugh is just like music, it lingers in the heart and where its melody is heard, the ills of life depart.

And happy thoughts come crowding, its joyful notes to greet. A laugh is just like music, for making living sweet.

Understand about relationships and how everything and everyone is connected in some way to each other as intricate as the brain connections that give us an amazing mind set.

One learns sooner or later in life that many relationships exist such as that of cause and effect, of people with each other under covenants or traditions and of theories and principles in relation to human inventions and natural systems. The basis of knowledge is language and language itself is a relationship established between a tone with a symbol or word. The heart and mind relates to those symbols and words through our advanced body system that makes us the intelligent beings that we are.

Truly no man is an island and today in the globalized world, the realization of our connectivity is at an all time high. An optimal heart and mind is always conscious of the connectivity that exists. One should seek understanding, harmony and cooperation with all that one is related to in order to maximize one's resourcefulness instead of being ignorant, angry and uncooperative to become a depressive lonely being.

Be forgiving to others especially yourself.

To err is human but to forgive is divine. What does it take to forgive? We need to let go and move forward. Let go of the loss or hurt whether it's physical or emotional. Some say they can forgive but they cannot forget. If you don't forget, you are not really forgiving and it becomes a burden that you have to carry for as long as the memory remains with you. Why bear such a burden when you can just let go?

Why is it important to forgive yourself? It is as important as loving yourself. If you cannot love and forgive yourself, it will definitely be hard for you to love and forgive others. Love and forgiveness is the key to building strong brotherhood or sisterhood among family and friends. It is the key to make earth life more heavenly so that you will want relationships such as families and friends to be forever.

Listen to Dr Jordan Peterson, who is one of my favorite psychologists after reading his book below who is very popular online and offline as well:



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